East Riding Local Plan (2012-2029)

What is the East Riding Local Plan?

The East Riding Local Plan is the name for the suite of planning documents that together provide the long term development plan for the East Riding. This means that they are the starting point for determining planning applications and guiding investment decisions....

The Allocations Document, a part of this suite, allocates sites for development -  It evolved over several years and was adopted by ERYC in July 2016. see web site

Draft Allocations Document (CB version) - subject to consultation Feb-Apr. 2013.    Proposed Major Changes - closed for comment Sept. 2013.

Final Version - adopted Jul 2016. 

The 2012-2029 Plan was adopted in 2016.


What is the East Riding Local Plan Review?

The ERYC are required to undertake an assessment to determine if a review of the Local Plan is needed, within five years of adoption. Given recent changes in the new National Planning Policy Framework and issues identified in the inspector’s report on the Local Plan examination, a review is required at this stage. 

  • Options Document; is the first stage in reviewing the Local Plan that was adopted in 2016. A series of options and questions are presented in the document, responses to which will help shape a revised Draft Local Plan alongside updated evidence work and sustainability appraisal. This consultation is now closed and a summary of the responses received by the ERYC is available for viewing here.
  • Call for Sitesis an opportunity to submit land to the council for consideration. This process helps to identify potential sites that should be considered through the Local Plan review for inclusion in an updated Local Plan.

    Landowners can submit land to the council at any time, however, land may or may not be considered for inclusion in the Local Plan review dependent on the stage of Local Plan preparation. This is now closed.

  • Site Assessment; This methodology sets out the process the council will follow to assess and compare the suitability of potential development sites submitted. The methodology considers a wide range of social, environmental and economic factors such as flood risk, infrastructure, biodiversity, ownership and character to assess whether a site is sustainable and deliverable. All sites for assessment can be reviewed on the site map here.

        Cherry Burton Site Assessment Map

        Cherry Burton Site Assessment - Fact Check Version

  • Fact-Checking Exercise; The ERYC is currently undertaking a fact-checking exercise with land bidders and Town and Parish Council's. Responses to the fact-check exercise was closed in Sept. 2019.

        Cherry Burton Parish Council Fact Checking response