Committee Members

The Committee shall be ten members, five of which shall be representatives from current sports and user groups elected annually at the Annual Parish Meeting by the Parish, three shall be appointed by the Parish Council at its Annual Meeting, one nominated by the Cherry Burton Scouts and one nominated by the Cherry Burton Guides organisations.

2019-20 Membership

Parish Council Reps: Cllr P. Arandle - Register of Interests, Cllr A. Baker - Register of Interests, Cllr P. Wardale - Register of Interests 

Sports Club Reps: Mr S. Scott (Cricket Club)- Register of Interests, Mr M. Lough (Football Club) – Register of Interests, Mr A. Day (Tennis Club) – Register of Interests.

Baden Powell Reps: Mr I. Kelly (Scouts) - Register of Interests, Mrs J. Peirson (Guides)Register of Interests